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A Great Alternative to Conventional Casting!

Exos is the only bracing system offering you and your patients a removable, adjustable, reformable and waterproof solution for the treatment of fractures and other injuries requiring stabilization.

It Takes to Water

The Exos brace is waterproof*, allowing:
•  Patients to continue their regular daily activities such as showering
•  Children to remain active
•  Athletes to continue water activities
•  Use of blow dryer to quickly dry brace and skin

It’s Easy to Clean

The Exos brace is designed for improved hygiene, allowing:
•  Patients to hand wash and dry as needed
•  Antimicrobial treated material to reduce odor
•  Brace to be removed in order to clean skin or injury site

It’s Original!

Exos braces come in a selection of different colors and patterns:

• Making them attractive and fun to wear, especially for children

It’s See Through & Lightweight

The Exos brace is radiolucent, allowing:
• X-rays to be taken without the removal of the brace
•  Clinical assessment of fracture healing without the need for re-casting
• The Exos braces are significantly lighter than plaster casts or fiber glass ones

Reformable, Removable Bracing System

Radial Gutter Fracture Brace

• 2nd & 3rd Metacarpal fractures.


Color Left Right Size
Black only N/A N/A XXS
326-31 326-32 XS
326-41 326-42 S
326-51 326-52 M
326-61 326-62 L
326-71 326-72 XL

Short Arm Fracture Brace

•  Distal Radius Fractures (non-displaced)
•  Wrist sprains, ligament injuries


Color Left Right Size
Options N/A N/A XXS
310-31 310-32 XS
310-41 310-42 S
310-51 310-52 M
310-61 310-62 L
310-71 310-72 XL

Long Thumb Spica with BOA

•  Scaphoid fracture
•  Radial or Ulnar wrist strain


Color Left Right Size
Options 231-21 231-22 XXS
231-31 231-32 XS
231-41 231-42 S
231-51 231-52 M
231-61 231-62 L
231-71 231-72 XL

Boxer’s Fracture Brace

• 4th & 5th Metacarpal fractures


Color Left Right Size
Black only Left Right Size
325-31 325-32 XS
325-41 325-42 S
325-51 325-52 M
325-61 325-62 L

Practical information

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+961 1 380 322

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